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Skin & Soft Tissue Oncology Surgery in Indore

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Skin & Soft Tissue Oncology Surgery In Indore

Skin and soft tissue cancers encompass a diverse group of malignancies arising from the skin, subcutaneous tissue, and underlying structures. These cancers can present with various symptoms and require specialized diagnostic and treatment approaches for optimal management.

Our Treatment

  • Diagnosis and Staging: We specialize in accurate diagnosis and staging of skin and soft tissue cancers, utilizing advanced imaging studies, biopsies, and pathological assessments.

  • Surgical Interventions: Our center offers a wide range of surgical interventions tailored to the specific type and stage of skin and soft tissue cancers. This includes excisional biopsy, wide local excision, lymph node dissection, and reconstructive surgery.

  • Mohs Micrographic Surgery: We provide Mohs micrographic surgery, a precise technique for removing skin cancer layer by layer while preserving healthy tissue, particularly useful for tumors with complex or ill-defined borders.

  • Radiation Therapy: Our team collaborates closely with radiation oncologists to deliver targeted radiation therapy for localized skin and soft tissue cancers, aiming to eradicate cancer cells while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

  • Medical Oncology: For advanced or metastatic skin and soft tissue cancers, we offer medical oncology services, including chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy, tailored to individual patient needs.

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Choose our center for our specialized expertise in skin & soft tissue oncology surgery in Indore, comprehensive diagnostic and treatment capabilities, and compassionate approach to patient care. With a multidisciplinary team of specialists, we ensure personalized treatment plans and support throughout your cancer journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Common types include basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, sarcoma, and Merkel cell carcinoma.

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