Cancers of kidney , ureters , adrenal gland, urinary bladder , prostate, urethra, penis and testis are included in these cancers. Main etiological factors are smoking , exposure to chemicals, poor personal hygiene, undesended testis etc are risk factors for these cancers. Common symptoms are hematuria ( blood mixed with urine) ,difficulty in passing urine , feeling of mass in abdomen, uncontrolled hypertension ( blood pressure), ulcer which fails to heal at the tip of penis, swellings at groin region.

Our expertise include-

Correct diagnosis and staging of the cancers of genito urinary tract.

Surgeries for the cancer of Kidney – radical total nephrectomy, partial nephrectomy.

Surgery for tumors of Adrenal gland.

Surgery for ureter, urinary bladder, & urethra.

Surgery for carcinoma of penis with organ preservation.

Ilioinguinal lymphnode dissection.

Surgery for scrotal and testicular tumors.

Retroperitoneal lymhnode dissection.