Chemotherapy port is a small device that is implanted under skin, preferably in chest wall region to allow easier access to bloodstream. It is advantageous to install chemotherapy drugs through it avoiding local side effects of puncturing arm veins every time. It can also be used for blood collection, blood transfusions ,fluid installation . It can be inserted at time of surgery for cancer such as mastectomy for Breast cancer , lobectomy for lung cancer or at interval setting , preferably one week before chemotherapy. Chemoport insertion is usually a day care surgery , can be done under local anesthesia .


Benefits and Advantages


Greater comfort: A single needle prick through your skin is usually all that is needed to access chemo port. With iv needle, specially in person who is on chemotherapy , it is difficult to find vein on arms. You may need repeated punctures to canulate vein ..


Lowering the risk of “extravasation:” When an IV is used, medications are more likely to leak (extravasate) into the tissues surrounding your hand or arm. Since many chemotherapy medications are caustic to tissue, a port can reduce the risk of inflammation-related to leakage of these medications.


Easier bathing and swimming: Since a port is completely under the skin, you can usually bathe and even swim without being concerned about the risk of infection.